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Nisha – Satisfied and a transformed women


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Karen – Bride transformation

I began to see results within a matter of weeks and by the time of the wedding I had lost 4% body fat, dropped a dress size and was stronger and more toned than I had ever been” Karen Maher. 33 – Solicitor

Stanley – Super training at 50!

“RHHP got me exactly what I asked them for! They got me leaner, faster, stronger, great posture and improved my fitness for tennis. Their coaching is the real deal!”

Stan. 50 – Business owner




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Amanda – incredible story

“Before I started working with RHHP, I was an accomplished fencer afraid of plateauing.

While I was the current British National Champion for my under 14s category, I knew as I was getting older, the competition was going to get harder.

Aside from the basic “eat healthy food” and “work out”, I knew I needed a more focused and goal-orientated approach if I was ever going to make serious improvements.

Knowing I needed to make a change was the first step, but actually knowing the best steps to take, and how to take them, is where Rupert and his team came in.

We started meeting twice a week.

I started feeling stronger within the first month.

Not just physical changes either, I had also implemented  different performance-enhancing techniques and stress busting methods like cold showers, recording my dreams and meditating.

I am without a doubt that Rupert could have taken me to the Olympics – but unfortunately, I developed a serious illness at the beginning of our journey.

I spent a lot of time in hospital and had to receive chemotherapy.

I spent the next year waiting to regain my strength and hopefully get good news from the doctors.

When I was finally given the all-clear to start training again, I called Rupert immediately. Learning about my disease and the different steroid treatments I was on, he made a plan for me to follow.

With his help, I was able to lose over 30KG (65lbs) and began to feel like myself again.

While my fencing career has taken a new path, I still feel like I belong at the gym.

I don’t think I would’ve had the courage to return after my illness if it wasn’t for Rupert. He isn’t just a personal coach with vast knowledge and stacks of awards…He was my coach and my friend.”

Amanda – 17

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Dylan – Actor conditioning

I am an actor who has worked on Spectral (released 2017), 300, Total Recall (Colin Farrell), Unforsaken, The Immortals, to name a few “action” movies and a cowboy films I have done.

I have worked with extraordinary stunt-coordinators and stunt men, trained with some of the industry’s best stunt teams all of whom are made up of men and women from various different physical backgrounds. Many are high level martial artists, some were professional motorcyclists, professional race car drivers, rodeo cowboys, former boxers, some just never got tired of playing ‘best death’ when they were kids and now do it all over the world on some of the biggest films around. In theatre school in London, I did stage combat to the highest level which meant hand to hand combat, sword and stick work and learning how to move and fall like a soldier or swordsman, or basic fighter. I have had to learn some martial arts, many times train to build body mass and definition, lots of stunts to rehearse that involved, spears, swords, guns, fist, bombs, all sorts. And I expect more and more work of this nature is coming into the industry as the tent pole productions especially the comic book genre is continuing to grow at a staggering rate.

I met Rupert through an actor I had done a film with. He wanted Rupert to teach him how to look body beautiful. I on the other hand had just been cast in a pilot for a new series playing a lead role as the head of the Neanderthal’s. Yes those ancient beings. So I needed to fight, to hunt barefoot, and to move like someone who was of an athletic capacity we can barely imagine. Rupert and his team took to the challenge with absolute precision, tons of research and a whole lot of passion. They designed exercises using equipment I had never seen, to simulate the movements the Neanderthal’s would have considered habitual; spear throwing, running through forests, sitting deep down on your haunches. I said I needed to be Neanderthal strong but look starving and that is exactly what RHHP was able to help me with. The results blew away the director, creator and executives.

Rupert is unlike any other trainer I have met and through the kind of films I have made, I have met a lot of them.  When Rupert took me on, he took on not only a very experienced former semi-pro athlete, a physical theatre student, and a regular action movie actor, but he also took on a man with many former injuries, and I mean a lot. So I was experienced and very passionate and quite knowledgeable about bodies and their interconnectedness, emotions, and the connections between them both. Rupert was immediately excited not intimidated by my knowledge and curiosity, he was inspired and authentically passionate about the kind of dialogue we could engage in. I was instantly blown away by his way of thinking about the body, his knowledge of everything from Nutrition, to brain patterning, to Nervous system response, to NLP and so much more.

Why I think Rupert and his team (RHHP) is so good for actors and stuntmen is simple. We are doing this Theatre/Television/Film business because we are passionate about it and we work hard for it. And we would like to do it in an inspiring way for as long as we can. Where others may want to retire, we can’t help but want to keep going. So in the name of inspiration, physical regimes, for anyone but especially stunt men and actors,  should not be a blunt dull time in the gym listening to your favourite track of the week, it should be engaged, informative, specific, and constantly changing and exciting. RHHP are the only ones I know who can offer all that. They know how to work on protecting your joints, opening up posture, improving your coordination, building all sorts of different shaped bodies, depending on the stunts or roles you are about to engage in and they know how to really listen and work with your specific needs. From parkour, to nutrition, to standard weights, to unusual weights, to improving your immune health, to completely re-booting your emotional system….They really have a rare and diverse touch.

Dylan Smith – Actor and Athlete

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Sabeen – posture and pain solved!

“I came to Rupert Hambly health and performance after struggling with persistent neck and shoulder spasms and pain.

My posture was off, my neck felt weak and vulnerable, and I had some flab to lose around my belly and arms. After just two months with RHHP, I noticed a serious difference in my health; my neck had better range of motion, I had lost body fat, and my stamina was through the roof. My chiropractor noticed the improvement in my neck, as well as my posture. Fast forward another few months and we managed to build on all of the progress we made. RHHP are professional, super friendly and genuinely passionate about their work. They really know what they are doing!”

Sabeen – Solicitor

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Rima – Health and lifestyle

“Rupert is an excellent holistic coach and trainer.

He takes genuine and deep interest in his clients well being, performance and progress.

He’s not only a physical trainer but has helped me with aspects of life such as dealing with stress and difficult situations.

Highly recommend!

Rima – 30’s

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Paula – Incredible changes

“People said I couldn’t do it but I did. RHHP showed me the path to get me to my goals. In 12 weeks I increased my positivity, energy and changed my body in an incredible way. I feel full of vitality!”

Paula 29 – Physical therapist

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Katy – Healthier than ever

“Have been training with Rupert for more than a year and couldn’t recommend him more.

His holistic approach to fitness and health has helped improve all areas of my life. I sleep better, eat better, train better and now actively work towards future life goals.

Am the happiest and healthiest I’ve ever been.”

Katy – 30’s

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Alex – “Infinitely better”

I knew I had a lot of work to do.

My back muscles were incredibly weak, posture was out of line and so RHHP helped me build my strength in places I’ve typically avoided during my workouts because they were too much hard work.




I’ve made a lot of progress in strength and my posture is infinitely better than it has ever been before! Even my friends and colleagues have commented on how I hold myself differently and that I even seem taller than I was before I started their coaching.

I’m really pleased with the change in my body shape and feel supported by the whole team to achieve the goals that I’ve set for myself.

Alex – Psychologist

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Hokien – Achieves the incredible!

I was riddled with illnesses and had to have an operation over a 6-month period in 2015. I lost more than 10% of my body weight, I was much weaker and my hard-trained muscle wasted away too…


I was and still am a keen competitive dancer and triathlete. I really wanted to get back on track and have a leaner body with more muscle mass!

When my health eventually improved, I was very determined to get back in shape. It is not every day that one could say he has gotten his life back… I started training with RHHP.


With effective, consistent and tailor-made exercise programmes, I now look more muscular, toned and started competing in Dance and Triathlons again.


People are noticing a massive change in my body shape and tone. I will never get tired of the compliments! I would highly recommend RHHP as they sure know their stuff! They give so much variety, keeping me engaged and focused, and are motivational and supportive.

Hokien – Dancer and Triathlete 47

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Eric – A new man!

I am full time student, my daily activities involve mostly sitting to do paperworks and using computers. I acknowledge that I had a terribly curved spine and big belly due to sitting too much. And I was a smoker.

I’ve Been with RHHP for 4 months now. First significant change is to stop smoking and replaced the habit with exercise. I no longer crave for any. I feel much better, I do not feel out of breath after long walks and start to replace the bad habit to exercising. I was never able to do push-ups more than 5 times, but now I am able to do over 20 push ups continuously for 5 sets!
What I like about RHHP’s methods rather than other PT’s, is that, being healthy, improving strength and looking good should be a holistic process. They give me loads of recommendations on how to change my diet plan strategically that works for my body type, exercise frequently to build up inner strength and stability first before gaining a fit and muscular appearance. RHHP keep records of my posture and I am amazed on how I’ve had a massive a change in such a short period and I feel very motivated. My spine is no longer crooked, my shoulders are now even, have a wider chest and my belly is flat! 

I feel more confident. This is the best experience I have with a PT to helping me transform my health and body structure efficiently and safely!

Eric – Student 23

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Valentina – Body compostion

“Before Rupert, I had no strength, found it incredibly hard to put on muscle and was more ‘skinny fat’ than slim. Now the transformation is amazing, I’m strong, toned, beach ready but more importantly, I’ve been educated with great techniques for staying that way.”

Valentina – 20’s

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Jimmy – Actor conditioning

I can’t recommend RHHP enough.

Rupert and his team are extremely knowledgeable and passionate. With their life coaching, nutrition and exercise skills they offer a complete system that really delivers. Workouts with them are fun and they excel at tailoring them to your needs.

I’m currently in the best shape of my life because of them. RHHP are very professional, they really know what it takes, they change my program consistently and don’t give my body a break; and the results are obvious. I have gained a lot of core strength, am very fit and toned without being too muscular, which is exactly what I had asked Rupert, I have also gained a lot of cardio capacity and endurance as a bonus!

RHHP are really nice people, respectful, gentle, pleasant to be around and are very flexible in scheduling class hours, something that as an actor has allowed me to be consistent with the 2-3 classes per week regimen. I absolutely recommend their coaching!

Jimmy Akingbola – Actor (Arrow, Rev, Holby City)

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David – 11 week mission

“I have made a career in Venture Capital and Private Equity where knowledge and discernment are not only highly regarded but also the difference between a great investment and a write off.

I have also spent the best part of my youth training martial arts at the highest level and competing internationally representing the country. I’ve been continually exposed to the latest training methods and nutrition regimes.

After having completely abandoned any form of regular training since my early 30s and blaming work commitments for a total neglect of my physical wellbeing, I was totally out of balance. I was in denial about the impact that this was having in all areas of my life. From 35 to 40 years old, I tried unsuccessfully to get back to any form of training, to look after my nutrition, be protective of my sleep and reduce the level of toxic substances I was ingesting.

My background somehow conspired in preventing me getting into action to take control of my well-being. It was one of those situations of: “I’ve heard it all before”, “I know exactly what I need to do, just don’t have the time”, “I just cannot find the motivation” or simply: “Been there, done that!”.
It would be fair to say that I am not an easy person to coach. Rupert was aware of my background and spent the time in getting to know me well and understanding what made me tick at a deeper level. I was immediately engaged by not only his deep knowledge on all areas of performance but his voracious curiosity and constant research. More than impressed, I was finally stimulated and inspired to commit to a plan with someone that I trusted both in competence and delivery.

He spent as much time as it was required in preparation and he interacted efficiently with any external party that was involved in the program, curating carefully the recipe for my results. This ranged from blood tests, DEXA scans, tailored nutrition menus, the lot.
During training, he pushed as expected, constantly keeping track of progress, but more importantly, he kept holding me to account on the lifestyle changes required around my sleeping and postural improvements. All done inside a framework that was easy to follow, progressive, with small adjustments that in time became new effortless habits. On occasions, I had to train with other team members and I could confirm that the level of integrity and commitment to your results run in the DNA of all the members of RHHP. They have a system that they all follow and a culture of excellence that is the backbone of their programs.

If you want to transform your life, starting with your physical wellbeing as the first step. If you want to achieve that with a highly bespoke and specialise program in bite size chunks that are easily digestible. Just call them. It will take one instant to take the first step to change your life. It will take one session for you to understand that RHHP will truly make a difference.”

-David, Self-Made Renegade. 40’s

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Gurj – Amazing in 8 weeks!

“I’d never stepped foot inside a gym, I was aching, out of shape, tired and lethargic. I’m now energised, leaner and with no aches! Choosing RHHP’s coaching has been the best decision I’ve made this year”

Gurj 35

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Sarah – Performance & orthopaedic

Motivated to make a change but unsure where to start…

I enjoy being fit and active to a high level but knew that what I was doing wasn’t getting me the results I wanted.  I needed to go back to basics in terms of a better functioning body, getting my ‘chain’ back in order and most of all getting structure around my training programme. After some research I decided to go with RHHP.
Now my body is more flexible, has far fewer injuries and I have learnt that training harder doesn’t always lead to better results! I have learnt that rest and stretching is just as important as doing the hard exercises and exhausting myself. Train don’t drain.
I’d recommend RHHP to anyone who is ready to make a change – regardless of their level of fitness.  For people who are injured, RHHP will help you get back to fighting form.  For those who are fit and exercise a lot of already, RHHP will push you further and get you results as long as you are prepared to listen and follow instructions!
Sarah – Lawyer 36.

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Your personal training UK

RHHP has proven to be a team delivering outstanding results for their clients.

RHHP has managed a loyal customer base at Swiss Cottage Leisure Centre which in turn led to Rupert’s promotion to Senior Personal Trainer within the business.
In partnership with the Active Training Awards 2016, Rupert has also been nominated as “Activity Champion of the Year 2016” which highlights his commitment to his customers and Your Personal Training.

Joe Oliver, Director, Your Personal Training

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Julianna – Fitness revamp!

“I worked with RHHP during my last and most stressful year of uni.

My main goals were to fix my posture, and to get in control of my fitness (shedding a few pounds was also welcome!).

My posture had changed and my whole body had toned up. RHHP were a very positive influence during workouts and helped me create awesome fitness habits that I have taken with me. If you’re looking for someone who is kind, positive, but will still push you hard to get that last rep, look no further!”

Julianna – Student 23

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Brigitte – Knee replacement

“Since the 1990s I’d had a very arthritic left knee which impacted on any activity I attempted and, being of a lazy disposition, I found it increasingly easy to become a couch potato!  I went out less and less and working in our rather beautiful garden became nigh impossible…

Then a friend told me about Rupert and my life changed.

My knee replacement was scheduled for July 2019 so Rupert had only 8 months to try and get me, a 73 year-old, from a couch potato to someone able to cope with the surgery and to handle the pretty strenuous rehabilitation.

He worked on improving my physical health by slowly introducing a series of exercises to strengthen my body, core and specifically my leg muscles.

We worked on my posture and breathing and, little by little, I began to feel the benefits.

He also worked on my mental health, quickly picking up on my depression and reticence to get out and about as well as my acute laziness.  “Discipline” was one of his key words.  He helped me to set goals and re-kindle my creative interests.

A truly holistic approach and always positive, always understanding, always professional.

On 12th July I had a text-book knee replacement and was mildly surprised at how quickly I was up on my feet and into the rehab programme!  When I joined the hospital physio clinic after about 4 weeks, I was amazed to see that I had made much better progress than most.

I can’t say thank you enough to Rupert for getting me to that stage.  With his training and support, I’m out and about, walking freely, up and down stairs without having to use hand-rails (good news in view of our Covid-19 situation) and happily able to do a full day’s work in our garden!

Rupert has given me a new lease of life and now it’s up to me to pull it all together, continue to work on my fitness and chase those goals!”

Brigitte – 73


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Victoria – New mum

“Rupert has helped me to rethink my approach to fitness before and during my pregancy.

I’ve learnt it’s okay and just as effective to slow down and focus on my foundations.

Not all activity needs to be high intensity.

He’s also guided me through my first and second trimester on how to stay active, where I can push myself and where I need to be careful, which has been a huge support in my first pregnancy.

I’ve always struggled to stick to a fitness routine and working with Rupert has helped me get to a place of acceptance that works for me and has helped me create healthy and long lasting habits.”

Victoria – 30’s

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Natasha – Life changing!

When I first signed up with RHHP I was very overweight, entirely miserable and had little self-confidence.

I had been on every diet known to man and didn’t believe that I would ever lose weight or feel happy in myself. I also had a recurring back injury which stopped me doing exercise ( or so I thought.)

The RHHP team were so supportive and patient with me, nothing was too much trouble for them and very quickly under their expert guidance I began to see results. I lost a significant amount of weight, my back became stronger and most importantly they helped me to build a more positive mindset!  I have lost 3 stone and 3 dress sizes since I signed up with RHHP but perhaps most importantly they have provided me with the tools and knowledge to be in control of my progress.

My journey has not been straightforward and I have encountered struggles along the way but they have never judged me or given up on me and have worked tirelessly to support me at every turn. I have not yet finished my journey and am not yet at my goal but I know that with their continued support I will get there. I can honestly say that taking the decision to join RHHP has been the single most positive decision that I have ever made and I don’t think that they will ever know what a difference they have made to my life; I am fitter, happier and more confident than I have ever been!

Natasha – Teacher

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Ahsan – personal growth

“I can’t speak more highly of Rupert who is more than just a trainer – a true lifestyle coach and mentor who takes a holistic approach to all aspects of personal growth.

He brings a wealth of knowledge on various topics but most importantly is able to apply these to help live a better life. It’s a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend RHHP for anyone looking to improve themselves – whether it be physical, mental or anything else.”

Ahsan – 20’s

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Ritika – Wedding transformation

“I started training with RHHP after finishing university where I had put on weight, lost self confidence and developed bad posture along with frequent backaches…

I struggled to achieve my goals on my own and decided to get some help!

The team coached me on nutrition and lifestyle changes and assigned a focussed training programme. The work outs were fulfilling and fun and I looked forward to them especially when I started to see results. My short term goal was to look my best for my wedding.

By the time of my wedding, I had dropped 7% body fat was more confident and stronger.


I am still training with the team, and I feel like I am learning a lot about my nutritional needs and physicality during the coaching.

They provide amazing support to help you achieve your fitness and wellbeing goals!”

Ritika – 20’s

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Susanna – Revamp!

I remember the first day of this adventure…

When I met the team for the first time. I remember nervously showing them what I’d eaten over the past two days -a diet plan I’d put together which I thought was really healthy. I remember them looking at it and telling me they were surprised I wasn’t larger. That’s when I realised two things! One was just how much I had to learn, the other – that I’d come to the right place. 
Before training I had a gym membership but rarely went. My energy levels were low and the puniest of things felt like serious effort. My posture reflected my levels of self-confidence and trying to stand or sit with my back straight felt really uncomfortable. I didn’t really like any pictures of myself. I often skipped breakfast and focused on cooking amazing meals for myself at dinner (love to cook) – the aesthetics mattered more than the ingredients though. I most definitely wasn’t a morning person.

RHHP masterfully designed my monthly programmes based on set goals and the progression I was making. I found the style of training thoughtful and innovative – best of all, they really practise what they preach and the boundless energy would, quite frankly, motivate anyone to get to work. It felt like they personally invested in how I was doing and if RHHP hadn’t heard from me in a while, they’d get me back on track. I didn’t just learn about exercise though – I was taught a completely new way of leading a healthy life which, having seen the results of, I’m very keen to keep to.

I lost 5 kgs in my first month and then steadily lost another 7kgs. I’ve started wearing clothes that show off my body rather than hide it away. My posture improved significantly and my dowager’s hump slowly started to correct itself. My way of piecing meals together completely changed for the better and I learnt about what was right for my type of metabolism. More than anything, I actually wanted to exercise – that has been the fundamental change!

Susanna – 20 something

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Meredith – Empowered parent

Rupert is absolutely amazing at what he does.

A combination of personal training, injury prevention, lifestyle coaching, nutrition and general personal development are some of his strengths to name a few.

He’s always engaged and super focused in our sessions and outside of them regularly sends articles and how-to videos on topics relevant to me.

My life has changed for the better so much in the 3 years I have been training with him. Cannot recommend him enough!

Meredith – 40’s.

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“Rupert’s knowledge about movement & nutrition paired with his deep understanding of human nature

makes for one of the very best holistic coaching experiences one could hope for. His coaching style is both fun & enriching. Very happy with RHHP!”

Alenka – 20’s

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Yarom – Total transformation

“This has been an incredible journey. One that has completely transformed my health, physique and future in incredibly positive ways. RHHP has the encouragement, cutting edge exercise & lifestyle coaching to take you to another level”  

Yarom – CEO. 50

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Angie – Amazing body at 40!

RHHP helped heal my nagging back pain, fixed my posture and helped me get a bikini body at 40!” Angie Vasquez – Entrepreneur

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Jackie – Climbed a mountain!

“I have just climbed this peak after Rupert Hambly Health and Performance’s (RHHP) training. This is something that would’ve been impossible given my previous knee injury!

“When I came to RHHP, I was out of shape and not in the best of health, I had back pain and couldn’t do the things I wanted to do.

Although I had a number of goals, my over-arching priority was to improve my physical performance. RHHP helped me achieve this, to an extent which far exceeded my expectations.

I am much stronger, and my balance and flexibility are greatly improved. Everything is functioning better. All manner of day to day tasks, such as running for the train, are infinitely easier. I’m thrilled that I am able to engage in the activities and sports that I want to do. All of this in spite of a pre-existing major sports injury involving my knee. I can even jump with confidence now!
Hand in hand with this success came, thanks to RHHP’s help, the achievement of many other great results:

1 Posture corrected: I can stand up straight

2 Back pain and other aches: gone

3 Rehabilitation of old knee injury (ruptured anterior cruciate ligament): function improved greatly by exercise
(the injury had not been fixed despite previous surgical treatment)


4 Risk of further injury reduced

5 Blood pressure lowered – from high to normal: great health benefits

6 Body fat lost [11] %; weight lost 12 kg (26 pounds); dropped several dress sizes

7 Eating habits dramatically and sustainably improved

8 Energy and positivity much increased: a sense of wellbeing

RHHP are experts whose passion for their work shone through in everything they did for me. They are highly professional and experienced. The depth and breadth of their knowledge and skill sets are exceptional. They’re also really motivating, encouraging, positive and patient – which was especially appreciated when the going got tough!
The key to getting my results was RHHP’s excellent personal training. Their exercise programmes and training sessions were all expertly designed and delivered. They took into account my goals and abilities, they were varied and challenging, and constantly kept me progressing. The quality of instruction was exceptionally high.
Also vital was RHHP’s personalised and practical nutritional guidance: this really worked for me, whereas other eating plans had not.

In addition to exercise and nutrition, RHHP’s coaching encompassed other areas relating to overall wellbeing, and this inclusive approach proved highly effective for me. Their high quality educational resources addressing health, performance and wellbeing were really informative and helpful, and positively enhanced my journey.
RHHP are outstanding.

They helped transform my life immeasurably. I feel the difference every day!

Jackie – Mum.

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Anita – Posture in 4 weeks!

“I had been regularly attending the gym for over a year yet I was seeing little physical change.

One of my main concerns was my awful posture, along with non existent upper body strength. After just 4 weeks with RHHP I could see and feel such a huge difference: Less creaky pain in my back, feeling so much stronger, and standing correctly has made me just that smidgen taller.”

Anita 29 – Scientist


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Naomi – lifestyle performance and posture

“Before I started with Rupert, although I was active, I didn’t have a focused and dedicated routine with regards to fitness.

I perceived exercise as a chore and would reluctantly fit it into my day…

Rupert’s coaching was personal, pro-active and motivational. I never felt like I was working with just a personal trainer, in fact I wasn’t!

There was a whole host of activities that I worked on with him to ensure that I could fully benefit from the RHHP methods, which is why I believe I achieved what I did.


I’m now extremely motivated to try different fitness challenges and experiences.

Fitness has now become a part of my daily life, which I now look forward to!

Benefits ranging from work life balance, healthy eating, no aches, petter posture and a strong mindset has made the whole experience a pleasure!”

Naomi 20’s

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Aubrey – Life changing

“In my early thirties I was a mess. I was recovering from a cocaine addiction and was still an alcoholic.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 16.28.28

On top of this I was on some pretty harsh medication as if I came out of the ‘wrong side’ of running clubs, bars and my own events company for over 10 years. I was a mess.

I desperately needed a trainer to get back into shape and found RHHP, who’s advert was the only non-obnoxious piece of advertising I found when looking for a trainer. Later I found out why, RHHP are more than  personal trainers. Their system is truly holistic, looking at all the areas you need to improve upon for lasting results.

We met and I was a nightmare. I wasn’t well at all and RHHP went above and beyond their ‘call of duty’ by not only getting me into shape, but also I felt like I was counselled by them and given advice I would have had to pay hundreds of extra pounds to receive from other professionals. RHHP also educated me about nutrition, lifestyle, sorted out my chronic back pain and taught about building habits. Therefore I got a lot of care all under one package with RHHP.

The start was incredibly hard as I hadn’t yet sorted out my ‘issues’ but the team at RHHP never made me feel uncomfortable or guilty about this. The coaches’s patience with me was unbelievable and when I finally pulled my socks-up (with his help) then I turned my life around and committed fully with their programme and well, look for yourself at the results!!!”

Aubrey – Promoter.

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Leila – Bikini in 12 weeks!

“Rupert is without a doubt the most inspirational trainer I have ever worked out with. He is enthusiastic, encouraging, knowledgeable, patient and will help you move from one level of fitness to another.” Leila 35

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Saul – A new path!

“I did not think I would ever go to a PT but I had a session with RHHP 2 years ago and have not looked back”

Saul Margo. 35 – Barrister

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Selam – Real progress

I couldn’t recommend Rupert enough!

Training is challenging yet enjoyable & highly adapted to your individual goals/circumstances.

What sets him apart from other PT’s is that he goes way beyond just personal training.

It’s about educating & helping to make real lifestyle changes (nutrition, stress, sleep, posture correction etc).

Selam – 30’s

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Martin – Actor conditioning

“I ought to go to the gym today…

no I’ll have a bike ride instead. Much more fun.”

That was me for years. I knew I should give attention to overall fitness, but a dozen gym visits a year with a desultory tour of a few fixed machines was the most I could motivate myself  to do.

But then, with a 68th birthday looming I took the plunge and invested in a three-month course with RHHP. It has been revelatory! The scary-grunty world of free weights turns out to be a fascinating lab for self improvement and knowledge, so long as your tutors ground you in solid technique and tailored programming.

 This is where I’m sure I struck lucky when I chose RHHP. They are thoroughly nice, but very serious minded and informed about their subject. And they don’t seem to mind being sworn at when the third set of reps starts to feel unreasonable!


So how about the results? I haven’t been a model pupil – they are demanding teachers with a holistic vision – but I am demonstrably stronger, look at my posture above and in better shape! Just as important, I feel empowered to go on improving because I have the tools  – and I’m enjoying myself! Cannily, I was introduced to the delights of the next level of training as I signed out. I will have to be back to learn more

I am listening to the news as I write this (25-4-17), but it’s old hat; the report is repeating word-for-word what I was told at induction:

 “Exercise ‘keeps the mind sharp’ in over-50s, study finds …while muscle training – for example, using weights – had a significant effect on memory and the brain’s ability to plan and organise, the so-called executive functions.

 Martin Nelson – Actor 68 years young!

To learn more about Martin and his very interesting projects have a look here:

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“I originally signed up for 3months to train with Rupert and now I’ve just renewed for a further 3months! At 42 I was looking for a holistical sustainable lifestyle change in all areas of my life, also to improve my RA health condition. I’ve embarked on a journey with Rupert that I don’t want to end….

Rupert has guided me in nutrition, physical workouts and how to balance the mind with following his program designed individually for me. I’ve lost weight, began to understand my life backwards and have become a happier and a healthier overall person. My relationship with my partner has definitely improved along with the relationship with myself too!

I have recommended Rupert to everyone I know, as who doesn’t want to upgrade in life given a chance! Thank you 🙏 Rupert for all that you have done for me and am looking forward to learning so much more from you still! Satisfied and a transformed women!”

Nisha – 42

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