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Hope you’re off to a great start to the year!
So the other day we went to watch Kooza, the latest Cirque du Soleil show at the Royal Albert hall. I’ve seen several but was still blown away by these athletes abilities. They certainly are the height of human strength, flexibility and dexterity rolled into one!

Not only can they perform at this level but they have incredible physiques as well. Their physiques are arguably what most people would like to look like and their training turns most bodybuilding routines upside down… For a start they’re based on mostly full body strength training routines (no splits) and when they’re performing on the road, they’re doing up to 10 performances a week and then supplement their training with corrective and either cardio or sprint training routines (depending on the athlete). Pretty hardcore.


So what can you learn from these athletes? That training for function and ability will also give you an amazing physique? Yes but also keep an open mind to training and sometimes looking outside the box of the traditional machine based generic training programmes you often read about in certain magazines will often be one of the best training decisions you can make.

Now go and see Kooza! It’s great

Rupert Hambly


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