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Top 3 tips to avoid the Holiday fat!

Merry Christmas!

Hope you’re all set to have an amazing break, I’m sure we all deserve it.
This’ll be a short post purely to help prevent you from destroying that great body you have over the holidays without being boring!

Top 3 tips right here:

1. Smaller portions.
Yes of course we all like to stuff our faces with mince pies, clotted cream and wash it down with a gallon of alcohol but let’s get realistic here. If you really paid attention to what you are eating and drinking instead of gobbling up everything in sight, you will eat and drink less. It’s a fact. This will also enable you to have smaller portions because appreciating what you’re eating and taking your time with it as apposed to wolfing down food like a hungry hippo will allow your hunger sensors to realise that it is enough (it takes 20 minutes after eating for the brain to realise just how much food you’ve had).
The other scientifically proven way to eat less is to eat off smaller plates, the larger plate will make your brain think the mass of food on there is smaller than it is. So you don’t have to be a party pooper, just party smarter.

2. Drink the right stuff.
Yes of course most of you won’t quit alcohol over this season but I’m not saying you have to either. Just go for the better drinks. Avoid the processed, sugar laden chemical cocktail crap (including many beers) and go for cleaner red wine, tequila and vodka. This will do many things but one of them is preventing fat gain as well as decreasing the chance of cellulite gain for you women out there.

3. Chill out.
You are on holiday after all and seeing as most of us are stressed with our working lives, this should be a time to relax. Many find Christmas a stressful time but lets face it, it’s up to you to manage yourself efficiently enough to relax. Stress makes you fatter. Fat Fact.

Happy Holidays!

Rupert Hambly


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