Rupert Hambly


Are you rowing correctly?

The bent over row!


After coaching 100’s (thousands including groups online) of people one to one, I can say the bent over row truly is one of the most difficult ‘basic’ exercises for most people to perform.

Mainly due to how we live and sit all day.

And yet.

One of the most critical.

Why? Because it targets your entire back and postural control system.

What goes wrong:

1. Rounding of the back.

2. Overuse of biceps instead of the upper back (rhomboids and so on).

3. Through the set, migrating your spine higher and higher to the point where you’re doing almost an upright row. 

What to focus on:

1. 20 degree bend in the knees.

2. 45 degree spine.

3. Neutral spine at that angle.

4. Initiate with the upper back rather than the biceps first.

5. Inhale as you lift the weight.

Get good at the row and the benefits are HUGE.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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