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Is Kale actually bad for you?

A growing question among the health conscious public…

Is Kale bad for you?

Well, although I may make the excuse and eat it when dining at times, I generally avoid it (and not just because it tastes bad!).


It’s not because it’s detrimental to a humans health when consuming sporadically, but too much might be an issue due to several factors including heavy metals.

Certain plants have an innate ability to draw heavy metals from soils and considering soil health is deteriorating and heavy metal issues are becoming more prevelant, depending on where you get your Kale from, you might have a dose of thallium along with it!

There are also anti-nutrients, these compounds interfere with the absorption of vital vitamins and minerals. Oxalic acid is one of those anti-nutrients… Some are more sensitive than others and it can cause abdominal pain, nausea, kidney stones and burning eyes.

Again, it depends how much kale you eat.

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