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Getting back in the game and winning.

Dave Hubbard just came back from a long lay off (6 years) from absolutely dominating the competition and once again won the drop knee bodyboard world title.

Something he hadn’t done since 2016.

That’s now 9 world titles! A record.

Since the lay off from competition there’s been some powerful competitors in the form of a new generation focused on some dramatic athletic moves and combinations not really seen since Paul Roach.

At 39, he had his work cut out for himself.

So back to the point, after a break within a sport, career, or performance of any kind, how do you get back on top?

In my career I’ve seen people come back from a severe injury (car crashes with a spinal reconstruction, elite sprinter with an achilles tendon rupture etc), as well as those who haven’t… and seen people who had been exceptional at a sport in their youth to not only take it up again in middle age but also reach levels they never reached before. Then there are those who drift into the doldrums of giving up to the general consensus of “act your age and be average”.

The key sequence to get back on top of anything in life is: Find its true value to you and know your why – know where you are – develop a plan of action – do it all with passion and full commitment – adapt when necessary and enjoy the challenges.

Listening to the interviews with Hubbard, this is basically what he did.

We all at some point or another have chaos come our way, have obstacles and disappointments or even disasters… it’s the nature of life.

No matter where you are currently, taking the first step to get back in the game is perhaps easier than you think.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly


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