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Diet of a champion

Stephanie Gilmore has just won a record 8th world surfing title.

The previous record was set by Layne Beachley, who had 7.

Gilmore had struggled against the recent influx of new powerful female surfers and wondered if her goal to have the most titles and go down in history as the ‘best ever’ was ever to be realised.

Amazingly she’s just had a stellar year with the WSL and nailed it.

So at the age of 34, she’s back on top and is a great role model for women everywhere.

Gilmore, like Kelly Slater takes her lifestyle and diet seriously, so what does she eat?

  • Seasonal eating.

Gilmore eats seasonal produce which is more likely to be fresher and higher in nutritional value.

  • Food groups.

Doesn’t eliminate food groups. This increases nutritional value and allows her to have more choice wherever she is in the world.

  • Whole foods.

Her focus is always on whole foods, this reduces inflammation, improves gut health and helps recovery, especially when on the gruelling world tour.

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