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Ketogenic diets and health problems?

The ketogenic diet became the ‘in’ thing a few years ago.

Every now and again a cookie-cutter diet will come along and take the media by storm!

I’m not against any ketogenic diet, I’m just more careful in the application of particular diets because everyone’s individual genotype and needs are different.

For those of you that don’t know, a ketogenic diet is based on an alternative energy source, instead of glucose, it’s ketones. Derived from fat.

There are of course many benefits, especially for those with blood sugar regulation issues and even endurance athletes.

There are some studies that now suggest some health problems can be associated with the diet, especially when followed for longer periods of time.

In mice, short-term results showed keto diets improve metabolism and create lower levels of inflammation, which is great. 

However, after 2 to 3 months the reverse happened. The mice had an impaired metabolism and gained body fat!

This is because a keto diet can expand metabolically protective γδ T cells that restrain inflammation and can impair glucose homeostasis.

Keto diets are however a great tool used under the right circumstances and for shorter time periods.

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