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Obesity and infertility

Nearly 65% of the UK population is overweight or obese.

That’s about 43 million people.

 It’s unprecedented in all of human history.

So now we have that shocking statistic out of the way, what does that really mean?

It means lots of things, from potentially the younger generation having a shorter lifespan than their parents and grandparents, to infertility problems for the human race.

In new research, it shows that obesity reduces testicle size in males and potentially decreases fertility as a result. Not only that but we’ve known for a very long time that higher body fat decreases testosterone levels.

Recent Italian studies have found that between 14 and 23% of young men aged 18 to 19 had testicular hypotrophy and at risk of future infertility. 

This is a serious crisis and one that is under the individuals control.

Of course there are many things people can do to help themselves and one of them is weight training.

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Rupert Hambly 


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