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Childhood obesity linked to lower cognition

Professional health and fitness coaches have known for decades that being overweight increases global inflammation in the body.

Global inflammation has serious consequences for the brain.

People tend to forget that our brain sits in our blood and body, whatever you do to your body affects the brain.

Now a landmark study developed over 30 years has made a correlation between fitness and obesity levels and lower cognition in later life. 

Based on measurements of cardiorespiratory performance, muscular power, endurance, and waist-to-hip ratio when 7-15 years old, then attention, memory and global cognition in middle age… Those with better physical results as children were found to have better cognitive results in middle age. 

How we raise our children as a society obviously matters and perhaps more so than you think in areas where people aren’t aware.

If you were an overweight child, it’s important not to fret, there are simple things we can aim to continuously do to help ourselves as father time approaches.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly


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