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Do this for breakfast 4 times a month to improve your health

Variety is the spice of life!

And yet there is research that shows a large percentage of the population tends to eat only 10 different types of foods for the majority of their life as an adult.

We are creatures of habit for the most part and this explains some of it.

The reality is though, that there is an increasing percentage of the population who are becoming malnourished. Costing the NHS in England over £19 billion per year!

It’s obviously a complex topic, as well as being multifactorial.

One way among many to improve our health and intake of nutrients is to eat a greater variety of foods.

If you ask yourself now, how many different types of breakfast meals you have on a weekly basis, this might hit home. From working with hundreds of people over the years, on average the answer is usually one or two.

A good method to start integrating diversity and variety in your meals is to choose an entirely different breakfast once a week, every week.

That’s 52 different meals a year which will each include a different combination of macro and micro nutrients with each meal.

Not only that but it can be the start of a fantastic nutritional journey and opens the doors to further changes to improve your health and avoid the nutritional crisis sweeping across the globe.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly


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