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You’re probably not choosing the ‘right’ exercise

Saying there’s lots of misinformation out there as we all know is a huge understatement.

It’s getting to the point where most information on social media is misinformed or just plain smokes and mirrors.

The problem is that it takes time for the truth to be heard and often when it is, we all kick ourselves!

I wrote an article some time back about random energy expenditure vs training.

I received several positive responses back because it made total sense to those who had got a bit fed up with the volume of workouts that people were touting that’d beat the hell out of you for calorie expenditure but not achieve much else.

What else could it achieve might you ask? Well we can think about strength, flexibility, quality of movement, sport performance and the list goes on…

You know what the beauty of working on a ‘self mastery’ program like that is? It’s that you can also use just as many calories as a random exercise program. 

And that is infinitely more valuable.

So back to the the title of the blog, how do you choose the right exercise and why are we choosing the wrong ones?

Well as a start, we need to ask, why am I doing this exercise? And if your trainer is giving you an exercise, ask the trainer why it’s in your program and what it does for you as an individual.

There needs to be a good reason why it’s there because believe it or not, choosing the right exercise can fast track you to achieving various physical goals not only in less time but in an easier simpler way!

As you can see in the picture, I’m using the tornado ball and it’s not just for show.

After many years since practicing any martial art, I’ve started Brazilian Jujitsu and one of several ways to improve my core function that will help me with BJJ, is the tornado ball… it’s core focused, explosive and dynamic.

Squatting for instance is of course a universal exercise that can carry over to most other sports and daily activity while building muscle, improving metabolism and functional movement.

Although doing bicep curls in training while aiming to improve at ice skating probably won’t be the best choice. Catch my drift?

Choose wisely and have fun!

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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