Rupert Hambly


Big boned excuse

“I’m Big boned” has been used as an excuse for decades.

And excuses are exactly that, excuses. They don’t help yourself and destroy chances of taking personal responsibility to make changes.

What is a far more useful and proactive way to take responsibility for a body composition situation you’d like to change is to know the difference between¬†somatotypes.

Knowing whether you’re an endomorph (chunkier), mesomorph (muscular) or ectomorph (skinny) is a great way to change how you think about refining your training.

And the reality is that we are rarely a strict version of them but rather a combination of 2 or more.

Each somatotype requires a different approach to physical training and nutrition in combination with your goal.

As an example, Arnold Schwarzenegger is in my opinion mainly a mesomorph with some ectomorph. Me on the other hand would be an ecto/meso. All debatable.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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