Rupert Hambly


‘Peak performance’

Peak performance is exactly that, a peak.

And what happens to all peaks? They drop.

Knowing and being ok with that is one of the secrets to performing at your best… when you need to.

A great example would be a football player doing everything necessary to reach peak performance for a game.

The conditioning, sleep, rest, nutrition and mind work all needed to culminate into peak performance when the whistle blows.

The football player won’t expect to maintain that peak after the game, and they’d not want to. They’d be ok with that.

Your own training can be planned the same way, you wouldn’t want to perform movement when you’re less optimal, the benefits wouldn’t be where you’d want them to be. Grudgingly trying to power your way through a deadlift when all you can think about is a nap is not the way to go.

How can you organise peak performance for your own training?

Your coach,

Rupert hambly

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