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BMI and distance running

The size of a gravitational force is proportional to the masses of the objects.

It makes sense then that those with a higher BMI, are more prone to injury?

Not necessarily.

Research shows that this may not be the case, there can be a caveat here though.

Larger people tend to run slower and shorter distances… Both associated with fewer injuries.

So is it the case that if larger people ran as far and as fast as smaller humans, they’d be more prone to injury? 

That makes sense to me as a conditioning specialist and also on why I’ve seen various injuries over the years with larger members of the public jumping into a distance running program without sensible base conditioning and body fat reduction first.

Even with me, a couple of years ago after only doing sprints and walking for my Gait training for years, I decided to randomly run a rough 5KM distance to collect a parcel as I hadn’t exercised that day, it was at least an opportunity to do something and make the most of my time.

Without mobilising and acting on a whim, not a great idea.

I ended up with a minor injury around the malleolus. Enough to prevent me sprinting again for a while!

The point I’m making is that if you are deconditioned with distance running or have a higher BMI, avoiding the ‘should do’s’ and trends, is likely a good idea and always start where you are, not where anyone else is.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly.


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