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Sport snobs regarding peak performance

Because a sport is more popular, it’s often considered a superior higher performance sport than one which has fewer fans.

Really it’s all about psychology.

And some of it is because of thousands of years or evolution which helped us survive.

It’s a classic conversational piece where if someone is debating who is a better sports person in various sports, people often choose an athlete from their favourite sport and one they feel a part of. 

Rarely taking into account all the stats of the other athletes.

This thinking can also prevent us from having range in our own health and fitness strategies.

If we define and restrict our thinking by the particular group we associate with most like vegans or carnivores, we can blind ourselves to all the possible benefits of being open to other interpretations.

Going back to athletes, why is that Ronaldo is thought of by many as the the best athlete of our generation over Kelly Slater, or even Glenn Howard? 

Perhaps because of course he is an outstanding athlete, although he also has more fans which can influence our preference.

Are we missing out critical elements of our own development in health and fitness because we identify with a specific group or are we thinking critically and holistically?

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly


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