Rupert Hambly


Productivity and gluten

We live in a world where being productive is a necessity to thrive.

So any amount of fine tuning can help us all navigate our very busy lives, even if it is by a few percent, it can all add up and make a positive difference.

Gluten containing foods (classically wheat) are infamous for potentially causing mental fatigue or general tiredness in those sensitive to it.

I tend to be one of them.

A crowdsourcing study claims that productivity increases by 2.6% after only 14 days of consuming gluten free foods.

Although not high, it’s significant enough to report, especially for anyone wanting to be at their best in terms of performance at work.

Many people over the years have been confused on how they’d be able to replace a grain like wheat but actually it’s now easier than ever.

With the consciousness around nutrition at an all time high, it’s driven companies to produce more alternatives which include some of my favourites like coconut flour, almond flour products and recipes. Keep it fun 🙂

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly.

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