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Improving your constitution in 2022

After a rather tumultuous 2021 for many, I am wishing you an awesome and happy 2022!

It’s a great time to refocus and get on the wagon again in the areas that matter most to you.

I want to avoid talking about the usual weight loss and gym goals in this blog and discuss something much more important (which of course also helps you lose weight if you need to anyway).

Improving your constitution.

What do I really mean by constitution?

The Oxfords learners dictionary:  the condition of a person’s body and how healthy it is to have a healthy/strong/weak constitution.

Merriam-webster dictionary: the physical health and condition of a person or animal: He has a robust/weak/tough constitutionOnly animals with strong constitutions are able to survive the island’s harsh winters.

You will be leagues in front of the average person when thinking this way regarding health and fitness in 2022.


You’ll be able to train harder and smarter, optimise your hormones, feel great, be happier and stay out of pain.

When you set a holistic goal to have a better constitution over all, things change. They really change. You’ll shift your pattern of thinking from “oh I need to lose 5 kg” or “be able to run a 5K” to… “I’m able to do anything a human can do”.

Your family life will get better than it is, your career too and you’ll feel firmly in the driving seat of your life with fewer feelings of uncertainty (needed in these uncertain times).

You can start today, simply by listing certain ailments you have, or other negative areas hampering your performance in life, like behaviours that don’t contribute to what you need for this year.

Whether it be not drinking enough water, to using the mobile too often due to the notifications not being turned off which generate anxiety, to not going to bed early enough for that morning strength training routine.

Then choose one negative influence or behaviour at a time, and use that marvellous brain or yours to SMART goal your way to a more optimised you.

The more you holistically work towards a stronger constitution, the more you’ll be hooked on improving and you’ll start the following year stronger, faster and more resilient!

Happy new year,

Rupert Hambly.

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