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Using the holidays to ‘prime’ yourself for 2022

The Christmas holidays leading up to the new year have always been an important time for family and friends.

I’d go a bit deeper here and mention that it is probably the most important time of year for self reflection and creative ideas for the future.


Because it is when (for the most part) the whole world shuts down allowing us to really have a chance to reflect and think about what worked for us, what didn’t and what we’d like to change in the near future.

Those that take the time to do this over the holidays in amongst the potential parties and social gatherings often end up with a ‘smoother’ new year.

I’ll invite you to think about this over the holidays:

  • Pain plus reflection = Growth/Progress

Unless we reflect on the troubles we all have through our time, we are likely to repeat them, or at least lack the awareness needed to improve our decision making.

  • What did you love doing over the last year?

This is simple, do more of it in 2022!

  • What was the single best thing you did for your own development that paid off?

This could be entering a wellness program that changed your life or even reading more. Whatever it is, analyse why it helped you and perhaps you can integrate similar strategies to develop this further in 2022.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly.

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