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Why I’ve never followed a restricted ‘diet’ for a long period of time

People in general love to try diets.

Often the more restrictive the better!

There are a few reasons for this, sometimes it’s because we’ve allowed our lives to become too busy to even consider ‘thinking’ or ‘feeling’ about what we need to be eating and other times it’s because we believe a new extreme diet will give us a ‘magic bullet’ to our problems. 

Long term, it very rarely works. And many people don’t like to hear this for obvious reasons.

An example would be the Ketogenic diet, great for a short term approach in reducing inflammation and weight loss, yet long term very hard to maintain in daily life and can be associated with an impaired metabolism. Depending on your genotype (big subject).

My point is, in order to make the best possible choices when it came to nutrition it required me to reach a high level of awareness. Understanding what my needs were on the day, in the moment and allowing for controlled binges (rather than reactionary ones) is the real magic bullet. Being adaptable.

A cookie cutter meal plan is really an example unless you’re a professional athlete or movie star with a super controlled schedule and a very specific time bound result needed.

A long term restricted diet can work as an ‘intervention’ to the beginner but the aim is to increase your own awareness to then make the right choices based on the correct education.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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