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Shinrin-yoku and mental health

With the lockdowns behind us for the most part, working from home will likely remain to be a huge part of our lives.

There are of course many benefits to having a hybrid model between working from home and going to the office.

I do stress though that although working from home as well as training at home has huge benefits which I will write about in future (I personally have no intention of using a commercial gym again), this doesn’t mean to say that we need to reduce our outdoor time.

This is something I build into our clients programs, outdoor time, usually based on Shinrin-yoku. Otherwise known as forest bathing.

Forest bathing has been shown to have significant positive effects on mental health, especially in those with depressive tendencies. A great way to make sure you do enough of it is to start with a one hour walk through the forest once per week with no distractions, meaning turning off that iPhone 🙂

Ben Saunders did one of my favourite TED Talks in 2012 about the importance of being outside. Obviously we don’t need to ski to the North Pole to benefit like him but you get the idea 💡 

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Rupert Hambly

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