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When obese, slow down

We live in a fast paced ‘information age’. 

What does that really mean?

Well, it means a lot of things and one of them is that we have all recorded information at our fingertips to be accessed within a few seconds.

We also have endless feeds of social media and bite-size chunks of ‘education’ which often when put in context doesn’t necessarily mean very much, or is that useful. 

This has led to an alarming instant gratification culture and without going into all the details here on how it can be incredibly dangerous for us all, the health and fitness industry is in my opinion one of the worst cases for this instant gratification culture.

Butt and 6 pack ab shots with someone drinking a green juice to advertise how to lose weight with the latest supplement has become the norm and although things are beginning to improve (perhaps), they have a long way to go.

When it comes to an obese person who is ready to make the changes necessary to improve their health, I’d recommend to simply slow down… Calm down, stop looking at an Instagram feed with fitness models and take a breath.

I mean it, take a deep breath.

Feel better? Ok, I’ll Carry on.

Those that become Speedy Gonzales and start on very intense training regimes with extreme diets to lose weight are far more likely to be injured and eventually gain back the weight they lost on the extreme program.

When it comes to nutrition one contestant on ‘the biggest loser’ wrapped herself in garbage bags while training and ate baby food for her attempt. Many contestants gain the weight back, in my opinion because they were never taught the skills and to self manage what is needed for a healthy life.

It’s not what health, wellbeing and fitness is about.

With nutrition for obesity, take the small steps needed to make long term changes, you’ll be surprised how much easier it becomes. Instead of eating 12 cupcakes, next week limit yourself to 11, the following week 10 and so on… know your why and you’ll make progress

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly



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