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Beliefs and perception, do you ever question yours?

Beliefs and perception trump everything else when it comes to getting health and performance results.


You can be given extensive nutrition and training protocols but ultimately you will get nowhere without some introspective work on your beliefs and perception.

Whether they realise it or not, this is often why some have serious health conditions and have failed in restoring themselves to optimal health. It is often needed that someone like myself ends up having to tell them the truth and shine a light on the problem at hand before they would consider questioning their own awareness. 
Beliefs and perception control direction and behaviour.
This is one good example of how our beliefs and perception can be distorted regarding the above picture. ‘We do not see everything around us’, is an understatement, in truth, we shut out the vast majority:
The Thatcher Effect.

“This illusion highlights a flaw in how our brains work – we can’t process an upside-down face because we are programmed to recognize faces the right way up.

We create a mental map by recognizing the face in pieces – eyes, mouth, and nose. So when we’re presented with an upside-down, Thatcherized image, it’s not processed properly.

We know it’s upside down, but because we so rarely encounter upside-down faces, we haven’t evolved to interpret the expressions on them. The facial features look fine, so our brains assume the rest of the face is as well. That’s why we don’t see anything out of the ordinary until we turn the face the ‘right way’ up.”
Where do you need to question yourself and look deeper?
Your coach,
Rupert Hambly
PS. You might be shocked at how Kellogg’s belief ended up altering the entire food industry.

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