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Mental imagery for better performance

Take a moment before the storm to visualise your performance… it will increase your performance.

This year I’ve tailored my routines to drop muscle mass (without losing strength), increase stamina and water performance. Ultimately for some surfing trips this year.

Although there’s one area I’ve been even stricter on…

Over the decades I’ve advised clients and practiced myself, mental imagery to increase performance in several areas.

Take a moment before you perform, no matter how short, to enter the mental space needed to ‘prime’ yourself with what can be known as ‘mental imagery’: The art of mentally ‘doing’ the movements before you physically actually do it.

The movement, the breathing, the adrenaline… it can all make a difference.

You can do it with anything, a tennis game, a set of lifting weights, before you take off on a wave, before an important meeting, a run around the block… the list goes on.

The research literature now also supports the use of mental imagery to increase strength training performance.

Top 3 tips:

  • Clear distractions – You want to be able to focus, get rid of the noise.
  • Imagine not only what it will take in terms of effort to perform but also the movements and technique needed.
  • Practice – The more you practice, the easier it will be.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

Ps. And if you need motivation, check out what I said here


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