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Men, avoid the big belly and skinny arms look by doing this

As men age they tend to get larger mid sections and thinner limbs.

It’s a common look post 50 these days.

And it doesn’t need to be that way… because not only are most men unhappy with this look, it is also unhealthy.

Visceroptosis and increased visceral fat not only creates tremendous health issues but also can be a precursor to dysfunctional movement of the body!

There is no magic pill but there are plenty of actions you can do to avoid such a future…

One of them is weight training.

The simple act of daily resistance exercise does a few things to help prevent the above look:

1. Increases hypertrophic results for the limbs

2. Stimulates mitochondria function

3. Strengthens the inner unit core which decreases the likelihood of visceroptosis 

One more thing, training without fixed machines indirectly trains your core/torso at the same time as any limb you train, check out one of my outdoor routines here.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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