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Pitfalls to being productive

‘Feeling’ unproductive is associated with increased stress levels

Identifying common pitfalls to productivity is critical in not only obviously being productive but also feeling better about yourself and your day.

Here are several pitfalls to productivity you may need to avoid:

  • Not having a morning routine.

Having a regular morning routine is great for reducing the amount of mental energy you use, since you can reduce any decisions – everything can just go like clockwork. This means you’ll have more mental energy to spend on more important tasks later in the day.

  • Mistake of prioritising ‘busywork’.

Always focus on the big goals and taking the steps that get you there. If you prioritise easy tasks over difficult ones. That’s a mistake!

  • Overly reliant on the eight-hour workday.

Remember, you only have around five hours of high-level mental energy available. So it’s all about being efficient and focused during these hours while spending the rest of the time either resting and recuperating or performing easier work.

  • Prioritising the ever-present distractions of smartphones and incoming email.

Constantly checking social media, texts and email wastes mental energy. Avoid these pitfalls at all costs.

  • Learning to say the magic word.

This is about becoming comfortable with saying that magical two-letter word: No.

If there is an invite that you know is not good for you and your situation, say no. Your yes has no value unless you learn to say no anyway…

With smart, deliberate practice, you to can become a productive workhorse.

Your coach,
Rupert Hambly

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