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Toxins in your home

Your home should be your ultimate safe space.

But our homes can become distinctly unsafe.

And that also comes down to how we clean them… Many of the common household cleaning products are packed with toxic chemicals.

These chemicals are called volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. And they can hurt your family’s health. 

Volatile organic compounds release invisible gases into the air.

Unfortunately, these gases hang around for a long time after you’ve finished cleaning. The result? For some people – especially children – this exposure can cause liver and kidney problems and can even damage their nervous system.

In fact, cleaning products with VOCs can be so bad that they often make the air inside your home more polluted than the city air outside

You can avoid VOCs and their associated health problems. One solution is to clean your home with better more natural products. 

Products with Lemon for instance are great for cleaning and freshening up dirty surfaces. Their antibacterial qualities mean they work really well on kitchen countertops and they can get rid of water marks and limescale from your taps and shower curtains. 

Vinegar is also antibacterial, and it’s great for eliminating bad odors. The vinegar will also prevent any mold from growing in your refrigerator and it’s perfect for getting your glassware sparklingly clean.

Baking soda can also help you make a natural cleaning solution.

For instance if you’re looking for a natural yet effective way to remove stains from the bathroom, then your answer could be baking soda. Just mix it with some white vinegar.

Some brands I personally use include Ecover and Method.

Stay well,

Rupert Hambly


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