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4 ways to entertain and travel without leaving your home

Around the world we are currently dealing with travel restrictions… and then some.

Some areas of course are more restricted than others but Covid-19 can’t stop us entirely!

There is research that shows regular travel breaks are tremendously helpful for mental health strategies.

“But I can’t travel!” I hear you say. Yes, well here are some ideas for the next best thing given the scenario: Travel experiences at home.

It might sound silly at first but it can work until we can travel extensively again in the future.

Choose one or two and try them today…

1. Watch a travel documentary series

There are some truly spectacular travel documentary series spread across all the digital streaming services at the moment.

I for one am impressed, from Amazons James May: our man in Japan to Apple TV+’s Long way up, they are a welcome escape.

Perhaps they can even inspire you to plan a trip there for real in the not too distance future.

2. Visit a virtual museum

For some (including me), a museum is a special place to visit.

The culture, the art and the atmosphere is like nowhere else.

Although the hassle of the cues and crowds can put a dampener on the whole experience when very busy.

So why not skip the chaos and go for a virtual museum experience? They’re great.

3. Learn a new language

With apps aplenty and never ending books on taking on a new language, has there ever been a better time than now to knuckle down and learn one?

Learning a foreign language opens the door to a culture not your own, and the plus point is that you’ll be fluent when you are able to travel there! is often touted as the best online source.

4. Make an international meal

With some truly incredible books, blogs and videos out there guiding you on every cuisine you can think of, now is a great time to experience international cuisine in the home.

Sure it might not have the atmosphere of Jiros sushi restaurant in Japan but we can do our best.

Plus points include no hassle making reservations, intimate home setting and learning a new skill!

If you do have any other great ways of international travel at home please do let us know in the comments below!

Rupert Hambly

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