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How personality affects the type of training you do

Your personality is generally stable and it predominantly determines how you live your life.

Research shows our childhood environment shapes our personality but what about the environment we live in as adults? Does our personality continue to adapt to it?

Well, yes and no but not really. Regardless of what experiences we go through as adults, the personality we develop in childhood stays with us for the most part. There are fantastic methods we can use to help us navigate life but personality tends to be stable with incremental shifts in certain areas over decades.

One group of researchers interested in learning about the stability of personality gave participants the same personality questionnaire three times over the course of 12 years. Surprisingly, there was an extremely high correlation between their answers on the first test and their answers 12 years later. In fact, the answers were so similar that the same correlation was found when the researchers gave the test three times over the course of only six days.

Clearly, personality is very deeply rooted. And it has a huge impact on every aspect of your life.

Imagine you’re walking down a dark and unknown street at night. Some people feel terrified; others feel fine. Why?

Well, if you developed an anxious personality in your childhood, you’d hate to be in that situation. You’d probably feel frightened, keep looking over your shoulder, and walk quickly to get out of there as soon as possible.

But if you developed a more outgoing personality when you were younger, this situation might not be a problem for you. You might even enjoy the adventure of discovering a new area and even prepare your mind to deal with any unwanted problems associated.

We live our lives based on our decisions – whether they’re about the city we want to live in as adults or the street we want to walk down at night – and we make decisions based on our personalities.

This means that our life paths are usually closely tied to our personalities.

Physical training can be hugely affected by personality:

Those that are high in conscientiousness will likely be more diligent in sticking to an exercise program than those that are low, introverted types will pursue training alone or in very small groups, extraverted will be more likely to end up in a boot camp. List goes on.

Whatever your personality, there are training styles and processes that will work for you and that’s exactly what we do with our clients… Build a program around your personality and goals. Then you can’t fail.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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