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Celebrating International women’s day!

Raising a daughter to be a happy, confident and empowered woman for the future is a number one priority for me these days.

International women’s day is a fantastic reminder to celebrate women’s achievements across the globe and promote them to help younger women be inspired for their future.

A nice way to do this here, is to profile a great female athlete, Brooke Wells, a four time cross fit games athlete….

Amazingly Brooke won her first cross fit games at the age of 19!

And didn’t stop there.

Highly competitive and an elite performer, she lives for competition, always focusing on breaking her own plateaus.

So how does she achieve this?


  • She eats six meals per day
  • Follows a semi-Paleo diet plan with a higher carbohydrate focus
  • Brooke avoids Junk Food, Sugar, Soft Drinks, Refined Foods, Processed Foods and Artificial Ingredients
  • She also swears by fish oil


  • Trains 3x a day, 3 days per week, totalling more than 5 hours per day
  • She then trains 2x per day, 2 days per week and swims 1 day.
  • Deadlift: 425 lbs

Quote: “I want to inspire girls to be as strong as they can and to be the best version of themselves”

Happy International Women’s day

Rupert Hambly

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