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My 72 hour fast

I recently completed a 72 hour fast with water only.

Why did I do this?:

  • Helps create new white blood cells
  • Helps boost the entire immune system
  • Stem cell regeneration
  • Prevents telomeres from fraying
  • Cell Autophagy
  • Starves and weakens potential fungus and parasites.
  • Helps your gut with microvilli and over all repair especially when introducing probiotics and fermented foods with the meals post fast.
  • Decreases glucose and IGF-1 (similar to exercise)
  • Decreases insulin
  • Decreases microbial load
  • Increases leptin the satiety hormone
  • Increases cellular stress adaption

For those potentially after these benefits I suggest you check out Professor Valter Longos latest work. I’ve also provided a short breakdown of my experience on the fast…

Day before the fast:

Knowing that I was to operate on predominantly ketones for the duration of the fast, eating a high fat, high protein diet a day or two before would help the process. My last meal was especially enjoyable and consisted of a tomahawk steak, eggs, Avocado and bone broth with extra butter! This was eaten before 1800 followed by an early night as sleep over the coming nights was essential to maintain clarity during the fast.

Day one.


Upon waking at 500, I felt good. Had a cold shower and set off to see a client at 600. Mental clarity was good and still felt satiated from the previous nights meal understandably. By 830 I had a passing thought of breakfast and then realised I’m on a fast! We are our habits in many ways…


Felt the hunger pangs. A little shaky but only for 20 mins max and my body adapted. Drinking lots of water helped every time I got hungry or the thought of a delicious paleo pancake crossed my mind.


Feeling GREAT. No hunger and although I liked the idea of having a roast dinner (my favourite) I could simply do without.

Day two.


Woke up to feel about 20% weaker. Thoughts of food were upon me!
Decided to do some stretching, have a glass of water and take a cold shower. Felt a lot better and ready to take on the day.


Was working with clients and had meetings which kept me active and preoccupied. Felt fine and continued with water consumption. I did start thinking a lot about salt and vinegar crisps though, probably because I’m now lacking salt in the body.


After chasing my daughter around the garden in a hide and seek game I had to lay down for a bit. More water and we decided to chill and watch a movie… every now and again thoughts of a traditional Sunday style roast dinner would enter my mind. Was just a matter of control in case I tapped that deliveroo button! All manageable.

Day 3


Awoke feeling better than previous morning. But weak in comparison to my usual get up and go self, perhaps dopamine levels were down too. Was very much looking forward to eating some decent organic mainly vegetable based food later to ease myself into digesting again. Was also looking forward to hitting the gym hard again next week when fuelled again!


Now I’m feeling weak. Taking it easy and resting more, seem to be moving in slow motion but not through hunger. Hunger pangs are gone. I feel a craving for salt, clearly because of a lack of electrolyte balance. Because of this I get my ionic elements out and put a few drops in water. An hour later I feel much better.

Breaking the fast:

You have no idea how much I was looking forward to this. Even though mental clarity was fine I was ready… it started with bone broth which tasted like the elixir of life! Then a light salad followed later by a tiny portion of a jacket potato and tuna. The appreciation of food and their flavours was and is amazing.

I wouldn’t recommend this for everyone unless they truly have an understanding and relationship with themselves. If you do want to do it, practicing a 24 hour fast several times is a good idea to allow your system to get used to fasting.

Potential supplement to help with fasting:

  • Ionic elements is an amazing supplement that helps support electrolytes and mineral balance. Over 72 Ionic trace minerals to be exact with each serving.

Please do message any questions about the fast in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer.

Rupert Hambly.

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