Rupert Hambly


Flexibility for your sport

Are you coming back from playing golf with a saw back? From playing tennis with locked up hamstrings? Or even get head aches after doing weights in the gym? If you do, you’re certainly not alone.

Due to most of us leading sedentary lifestyles that create instabilities in length/tension relationships in the body because of being seated for long periods of time, commuting in badly designed seats and various other factors. When we actually go back to our favourite sport that we used to be so good at, all of a sudden we either get an injury or pain we didn’t have before! So the key for longevity in any sport or physical activity is to assess your posture and flexibility so that you’ll know exactly which muscles need stretching and how, as well as which muscles are loose and need tightening. Only then can you put the body through powerful motions like a Tiger Woods 130mph golf swing!

Here’s a few of us having a laugh playing golf (not exactly Tiger Woods either!) against a computer screen in London:




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