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Sugar and staying healthy this Christmas

Sugar. Why the bad reputation? Does it really effect your health? And if it’s everywhere this season, how do you avoid it?

First lets start with what the science says about sugar. I’m not talking about glucose or fructose found in its natural state, actual processed cane sugar. The stuff that makes it’s way into everything these days…


  • It can be as addictive as a class A drug.

Research over the last few years has concluded that it could be more addictive than cocaine. Large food companies know this and put it into children’s cereal for that very reason. Get them hooked early and you have a lifetime client.

  • It makes you ill

It’s now clear that cane sugar can suppress the immune system. To give you a rough guideline, one teaspoon of sugar can lower the immune system for 6 hours. Ever wonder why so many people are sick for long periods of time over Christmas?

  • It helps fungus and parasites thrive in your body

Part of RHHP’s coaching is dealing with fungal and parasite infections as they are rife these days. Our observation and the research shows that those that consume the most sugar, very often have the greatest problems with Fungus. Why? because of the aforementioned immunity issue and it’s what fungal and parasite infections like to eat the most.

  • Acidity

Forget the whole ‘meat makes you acidic argument’, that’s based on complete fabrication and is connected to your genetics in how you process it. What’s absolutely clear, is just how fast sugar increases your body PH acidity . In a matter of hours. Chronic exposure has serious health consequences.

For more in depth analysis on all things sugar, watch this excellent presentation by Robert Lustig here. It should answer all your questions:

So, yes it’s a problem but it’s Christmas you might say and cakes are everywhere! Well, to minimise exposure and feel much better this Holiday here are some tips:

Eaten in sensible quantities and unprocessed, these are powerful tasty alternatives:

  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Xylitol
  • Stevia

There are thousands of recipes online for paleo style cakes that taste far better than any processed sugar cake so have a look as they’re very easy to make and here’s one of my favourites:

Once you try this delicious chocolate pie you’ll never go back!

If you do over eat the high GI foods, be sure to get some exercise in to use up the excess glucose and glycogen. Optimal exercise would be a circuit like this to raise your metabolic rate for up to 72 hours:


Have a GREAT holiday!

Rupert Hambly

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