Rupert Hambly


The circle to end anxiety!

Prolonged stress can reduce life expectancy by 5 years.

This simple but highly effective method will help you take back your thoughts, decrease worry and empower you to take control of your life again.



The video below will go into it but here are some points to look at when completing this method:

  • A Circle of Concern encompasses the wide range of concerns we have, such as our health, our children, problems at work, the amount of government borrowing, or the threat of war.
  • A Circle of Influence encompasses those concerns that we can do something about. They are concerns that we have some control over.

Try breaking up your concerns in life within these circles and then focus on only the ones that fit within the circle of influence. This way you can concentrate and develop plans for those things you can control, for instance diet, what time you get into work, your gym activity and being there for those you love.

We use this method to an advanced degree in our coaching with those who need stress reduction but this blog is about the basics.

Enjoy the video and please feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel!

Here’s to taking it easy!


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