Rupert Hambly


The one exercise that conditions everything!

The barbell complex.

One of our personal favourites here at RHHP for conditioning our clients once they’re able to cope with the tough demands. Tough but totally worth it.


What does the barbell complex do for you? Well, because of the variety of lifts involved and incorporated into one set, it means you can train the entire body in one targeted set while increasing cardiovascular demand through progressive lifts.


There are many variations of a barbell complex, so choosing the right combination for you is key. Focus on areas of the body that you in particular need to work on. For instance, if you have weak pushing ability, focus on the presses like military press.

A favourite combination for me personally:

  • power clean
  • push press
  • deadlift
  • bent over row

Here is Nick to demonstrate various ways to perform the Barbell complex!:

Train well!

Rupert Hambly

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