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The most important nutrient of all time?

‘Eat your greens!’ it’s been said since the beginning of human existence and we all know for good reason.

The sheer volume of health giving nutrients, alkalinity and ‘good’ calories from green vegetables is astounding and has helped bring humanity to where it is now… although now we have a problem. The vast majority of people do not listen to the sage advice anymore and humanity is paying a severe price for it with disease, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

I’m going to talk about one nutrient that you can obtain from eating green food and it’s exactly what makes them green: Chlorophyll – it turns sunlight into energy, makes plants green and does amazing things for you. This is the lowdown about the wonders of health it brings for you, how to get enough of it in this busy world and save you time for eating healthy.

Some of Chlorophyl’s properties of healing are renewing damaged tissue, building blood, counteracting the effects of radiation, knocking out bad bacteria, facilitating wound healing, increasing healthy gut flora, improving liver and kidney function, gum health and triggering enzymes that produce vitamins E, A and K. Chlorophyll is an amazing molecule:

  • Anemia.

In studies of sheep with blood letting, those sheep fed greens over dry yellow hay recovered their haemoglobin levels twice as fast.

  • Wound healing.

Dr. Gruskin, a director of experimental pathology and oncology proved that Chlorophyll sped up the creation of connective tissue and healed wounds faster.

  • Sperm count.

Research by Donald Fry at the university of California found that Chlorophyll contains the building blocks of sperm and can increase sperm count.

  • Sinus health.

Ear, nose and throat specialists Redpath and Davis at Temple University found that Chlorophyll helped clear congestion in over 1000 cases, from hay fever to infections.

  • Detoxification and cancer.

Research by the Linus Pauling institute found that Chlorophyll suppressed cancerous changes in an animal model and the next year Brazilian researchers found similar results in a study on cells treated with carcinogenic chemicals.

So how do you get more greens with the amazing chlorophyll in it with your extremely busy life? Well, there’s 3 main recommendations I have for you here and ones we use here at RHHP ourselves:


  • Prepare your food the night before work or college.

Adding whole food greens to your packed lunch for work the next day is the obvious one and although perhaps not the easiest in todays busy times, very effective.

  • Juice

Juicing your greens in one go can add an amazing amount of nutrients to your day in one shot. Juicing has been used for decades for health therapies around the world and is very effective.

  • High quality greens supplement

We sell and use organic, minimally processed at low temperature greens which has scientifically been proven to retain the vast majority of the nutrients which includes Chlorophyll (most supplements don’t). These are awesome for when you’re on the road and have a super busy lifestyle.

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If you need free advice on how to integrate high quality greens for your busy lifestyle feel free to contact our hotline number 02081230820 and we can help you with a plan of action.

Eat healthy

Rupert Hambly

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