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How to have everything you’ve always wanted.

In this information age, we have access to almost all knowledge at the touch of a button.

Many people think this turns them into expert about everything but in actuality, it makes them an expert on nothing.

I’ll explain this with one word: Implementation


If I were to research on how to reach the peak on Everest with a number of internet articles and books, it could give me a nice idea on how to do it. Then if I were a fool, I could try. But what the internet won’t tell me, is how to cope with the lack of Oxygen and it’s effects on the brain, how I’d behave under extreme pressure in the moment when things get tough, a plan of action on the spot when things get out of control, how to make decisions under incredible pressure, dealing with shock, frostbite, death and so on. The iMac screen and a book can tell me a lot to get started but that’s it and enhancing yourself with health, fitness, strength and nutrition is no different if you want to go all the way.

So what are we supposed to do? Well with Everest, you would do practice peaks and of course get yourself some expert guides along the way who know it all and have the combined experience to make the journey faster, safer and planned meticulously. Once again, your health and fitness goals are no different. We can all say “well that’s a life or death situation up there on Everest, of course it’s different!” but actually your health and fitness goals are also just as important! If you train incorrectly you may wear certain discs or joints away so that you have chronic pain for the rest of your life (common), if you don’t take your nutrition and lifestyle seriously you may have chronic inflammation, diabetes and liver failure round the corner! If you don’t address your happiness and habits, you may live a very unhappy life not true to who you are and ultimately live a life of regret. It’s just as important.

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What’s the answer? We all need a great coach who has the experience and self mastery in the area we want to improve. I have several, dead and alive. I see it as all of us are climbing this rope of self mastery and some are higher than others in certain areas, so all we need to do is pay attention to who is higher than us in areas we want to improve and reach out for assistance, it’s that simple.

Only then will we get the implementation for our goal.

RHHP has been created for that exact purpose, to help people achieve higher performance in their life, implementing mind, body and nutrition and that gives us here at RHHP growth and greater purpose every day. We love it.

Enjoy the journey

Rupert Hambly

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