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Top 3 places to eat on your lunch break in Hampstead (or find similar in your area)

Whether you’re a busy parent or workaholic professional, getting healthy tasty food on the go has always been a difficult task for the best of us.

I’d like to give you some ideas on what I think are the some of the best picks for Hampstead when you really haven’t had the time to pack your lunch box!

Here are some examples and reasons why, so that you can find similar in your area if you live further away:

Fast snacks and juices:



Not only does this fresh produce shop sell a fantastic array of vegetables and fruits, it also has protein based smoothies (with homemade almond milk), health juices and protein paleo balls for on the go. All refined sugar and wheat free.

Lunch for those that are hungry:

The Holly Bush.


A historic pub with a lovely atmosphere and a nice array of whole food in the lunch menu. For those that want to be satisfied, I’d recommend highly.

Lighter lunch:

Jin Kichi or Taro.

Authentic Japanese cuisines where the difference is in the quality of the preparation and ingredients. As a fan of sushi and Japanese cuisine in general, these two places have been fantastic.

Bottom line:

Think whole food, avoid the highly processed sugars and grains and go for those that are actually passionate about what they do.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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