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Can you be superhuman? – Iceman

This isn’t actually about the Marvel comics character but about Wim Hof, someone who is equally amazing.

The main reason I’m writing this is to show proof of what the human body is capable of, and all of us are capable of incredible things. We just don’t believe it.

Unfortunately most of us go through life without truly pushing what we can do mentally, physically and spiritually. This can result in a quiet dissatisfaction with life in general and leaving what could have been a life of real growth, commitment and self realised dreams.

What can make all the difference is when out of nowhere, you’re forced to make a massive commitment and to take massive action. Then afterwards, you can’t believe you pulled through… But you did.


Wim Hof has set 20 world records, among those are time spent submerged in ice (nearly two hours!), climbed Everest in just his shorts and ran a full marathon in the Namibian Desert without water! He’s turned science and what was thought possible, on its head. How is this possible?

Well, after the agonising experience of dealing with problems with his wife and then her death, a transformation in outlook and legacy took place within Wim. Call it clarity, an awakening, enlightenment or whatever you want but it was a big shift.

Wim realised that he wanted to help people and how he could do that is to help them understand that they have the power to help themselves. Through research, self improvement, experimentation, intensive meditation and sheer willpower, he discovered a way to consciously increase his immune system response, increase cortisol and adrenaline, which enhanced his ability to adjust his core and surface temperature but at the same time limiting the amount of inflammation normally associated with that. These methods are now being considered for helping autoimmune sufferers as well as other diseases. His regular exposure to the cold has actually increased his healthier ‘brown fat’ that helps to keep you warm. The body adapts and although there will be further studies, what has been scientifically proven so far, is groundbreaking.

He then, through experimentation with himself and others, developed his own methods that help anyone do it. And he now has people around the world performing these feats of mental and physical performances! Now, if there was ever a master, this guy is one of them.


Many experts have stated that people can’t control heart rate and stress responses willingly and at command but Wim and I’m sure many others can. I for instance since I was a child can (in a relaxed position) choose to slow my heart rate down and instantly speed it up again to over 200BPM and increase an adrenaline respond at will. This I’m guessing comes from the risks I’ve taken in life and further exposure to choosing to do various risk taking activities. Exposure to these activities could probably give your system the ability to choose when to activate this system and even help stay calmer in the face of serious danger. Wim of course, takes it to a whole new level!

What can we learn from Wim and his methods that will benefit us? Well, as many scientists and researchers will agree, we all have the ability to do amazing things physically and mentally but we tend to live such comfortable lives that these systems lay dormant within us and yet, they’re just around the corner. I always say, life isn’t meant to be easy, if it is, it means we aren’t growing enough!

Your homework is to step outside of your comfort zone, now. It can be taking a cold shower first thing in the morning, taking a run in the rain against the elements or even hitting the gym for the first time in years. It can start there and grow!

Don’t take it too easy 🙂

Rupert Hambly

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