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Enhance mood by enhancing posture

Hope you’ve been having a productive week. I’ve been full pelt again and came across a client recently who has reminded me of an important topic all of us need to keep an eye on through our lives.

We all know that your mental state will reflect your physical state and your physical state will effect your mental state. Now, although we know this, you may not be aware just how much both effect the other. They go hand in hand and we need to focus on both for optimal wellbeing. It’s essential that we balance our output with input, meaning too much output will just leave nothing left with exhaustion and too much input will give you too much and leave you probably lazy and fat.

Now, back to my point, posture can actually directly effect your attitude and moods. Whether we innately know this or not, a study out of San Francisco State University in recent years proved that the posture one holds when they walk can influence and create a mood. Walking with a slouched or despondent posture can lead to feelings of depression and a decrease in energy. Inversely, walking in a more upright position was shown to improve mood and energy levels.


A huge problem with say, upper cross syndrome, where the person has rounded shoulders, a decreased rib cage angle and forward head posture, is that this could potentially start a cycle of being unhappy for the majority of the time! I’ve learnt over the years that there is not normally one thing that causes something serious, in fact, it’s almost impossible. It is mostly a multitude of diverse reasons that summate in the mind or body, producing a result, good or bad. Correcting your posture it seems, may be a powerful prevention for depression.


There are even studies out there suggesting that posture effects hormone levels, ability to take risks and sex drive. With the amount of people we’ve seen over the years, it makes a lot of sense.

Here at Rupert Hambly health and performance, we know just how powerful it can be to change our state and how we feel through creating anchors or various other mind methods but quite possibly one of the easiest ways to start your progressions to a happier and more vital you, is to simply correct your posture, first by becoming aware of it and then following a correctional exercise program.

Here’s to great posture and being happy!

Rupert Hambly

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