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This sport is associated with living 10 years longer.

As with all studies, we need to look at the detail.

Whether the study is observational or experimental, really matters.

Analysing whether other factors are at play is very difficult and these factors include this one.
A study from Denmark, looking at several sports that included Tennis, Badminton and Football, showed that in terms of longevity, Tennis was by far the main sport associated with improving lifespan.

9.7 years as a matter of fact!

Health club activities only 1.5 years to have perspective.

I’ve been playing tennis now for 14 years on a weekly basis and had great fun doing so.

So talking from experience, here are some possible explanations for this improvement on lifespan which perhaps we can do outside of the sport itself:

  • The social elements of tennis promotes better mood, hormone optimisation and a sense of belonging.
  • Stronger legs have been associated to a longer lifespan and all that high speed lunging is fantastic conditioning.
  • Short sprints are associated with optimising HGH (human growth hormone) which is essentially the youth hormone. Tennis is full of them.
  • People that play tennis tend to come from more lucrative backgrounds, which perhaps helps with food choices and medical care.
  • Hand to eye coordination and reaction speed is improved with Tennis, this can help with things like driving a car and falling over. Gaming and combat sport can potentially do the same for instance.

What are you missing in your arsenal for longevity?

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

2 thoughts on “This sport is associated with living 10 years longer.”

  1. Bad back. I know lots of elderly people who had to stop playing tennis for this reason presumably from the extreme twisting sideways. Also bad hips and knees from injuries but that’s perhaps more common in competitive players.
    Of course everything has some pros and cons.

    1. Rupert Hambly

      Hi Kay,

      It’s all about identifying and addressing those imbalances as best we can so we can take part with our fave sports.

      Most people don’t pursue corrective work and of course that is a big problem when most people are sedentary outside of their sport.

      Have a great day,

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