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This movement improves your life

It really does and it’s called a bend pattern.

The famous bend patterns are in the deadlift, kettlebell swing and sumo deadlift.

The deadlift is one of my favourite movements which you can see me doing here. And quite honestly, I think most people need to be able to work up to doing them eventually.

You might ask why? Well, even if you don’t want to work on your athletic performance, how often do you lift something or someone off the ground, pick your car keys off the ground or reach down to the bottom shelf in a supermarket? It’s all the bend pattern.

It’s a fundamental movement in strength and conditioning, engages the musculature of the posterior chain, including the hamstrings, gluteal muscles, and erector spinae group.

Research suggests that individuals with greater strength and endurance in the posterior chain muscles exhibit improved biomechanical efficiency during tasks requiring bending, lifting, and transferring loads, leading to reduced energy expenditure and lower risk of injury.

Mastering this pattern promotes enhanced neuromuscular coordination and motor control, facilitating smoother and more stable movement patterns in various functional activities.

Studies have demonstrated correlations between proficiency in bent pattern movements and enhanced balance, proprioception, and postural control, contributing to better movement quality and injury prevention in both athletic and non-athletic populations.

BUT the integration of a well-conditioned core musculature is paramount in optimising performance and reducing injury risk during bend pattern exercises.

A strong core provides the necessary stability and support to maintain proper spinal alignment and distribute loads effectively through the body, mitigating excessive stress on the lumbar spine and surrounding structures.

Which is why the deadlift sometimes gets a bad reputation… many people haven’t been prequalified to perform it.

By prioritising the development of posterior chain strength and core stability, you can optimise your movement mechanics, enhance functional capacity, and ultimately improve overall quality of your life.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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