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Pillars of fat loss

There are multiple pillars of fat loss. Obviously.

Unfortunately many people including social media influencers get stuck on a particular one.


I think most of us get stuck on the calorie idea because we think that in order to achieve goals it’s just about information on google.

When actually the secret is how we apply information available to us.

And not only how we apply it, it’s how we apply it for our individual selves because all of our lives tend to be very different from each other.

Things like whether or not we have children, what type of work we do, our beliefs about food and even the quality of our food.

All of these and many more play a part in our body composition goals.

That is why the recipe of attaining fat loss is of much greater importance than the individual parts associated.

Calorie counting is an individual part, a big part admittedly but it won’t work alone. Not long term and certainly without suffering.

Here is why.

Other areas for fat loss that need to be looked at can include:

• Balanced diet
• Portion control through the day
• Regular exercise
• Consistency
• Adequate hydration
• Quality sleep
• Stress management
• Accountability and support
• Patience and persistence

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

2 thoughts on “Pillars of fat loss”

  1. I would like to know more about accountability and support. Can you give examples? I have just failed in being accountable to myself in not reaching my weight loss goal by certain date in 3 weeks. Tell my friends? Husband? Children ? That does not work for me ! They make fun of me. So advice please

    1. Hello!
      Try these 3 things:
      1. Tailor your weight loss goals to what you truly value, make sure that you know how losing weight will advance what you truly care an about.
      2. Block time in the schedule for the correct meals and training sessions. Make it happen no matter what.
      3. Track what you eat. Write it all down and enhance your consciousness regarding food. Improving awareness around yourself and what you eat will give you the highest level of nutritional knowledge and action… Intuitive eating.

      Have a great day,

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