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Normal goal setting is great for 2024 but aiming for this, is the real deal.

Goal setting is one of my favorite areas of self development.

And of course the progress that comes with that.

It’s the first thing I have clients focus on.

Not only that but I help attach meaning to the goals in the deepest way possible.

It almost ensures success.

If we don’t, let’s say, when it comes to fitness goals, we can all become just another statistic in starting a routine or gym membership, then quitting before we experience a result.

Look at these shocking statistics on new year fitness goals here.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably way past that and have a particular level of health and performance integrated as a way of life (most people that have been either interested in my coaching or become a client are genuinely focused on results in this area).

So this first blog of the new year is focused on how we can all elevate ourselves in multiple areas of true health and performance.

How? By equilibrating ourselves in a comprehensive way.

Bare with me…

People in general say that I’m a PT, sports conditioning coach, nutrition coach, stress management coach, Chek Practitioner, corrective exercise specialist, NLP practitioner, life coach and the list goes on.

Why? Because I adapt the coaching depending on what’s needed with the individual, public talk, webinar or video course.

People will see you with their own perspective and experience.

In short, my title would be health and performance coach.

So just like you’re not singularly an expert in your particular area of your career, or even your job for that matter… You’re a human being who performs well in your areas.

Essentially I’m just a person who genuinely chose a career to help people improve their life through health and performance strategies… Because it worked for me and I then pursued a focus on finding more answers not just for myself but to then get serious results with others.

It’s been a journey and a half, let me tell you, with many surprises along the way!

And the number one ☝️ area I’ve learnt in all of this is that, you simply can not obtain optimal health and performance for yourself without adopting the mindset and understanding of ‘holism‘.

You are the most intelligent and sophisticated life form to ever exist on planet Earth.

Treating yourself as such will change your game when it comes to your own health and performance goals in 2024.

Your hormones, circadian health, gut, emotional health, energy and physical strength will all change for the better, your entire human system can take a giant leap forward.

I know this for a fact.

But it takes dedication and simplifying into actionable steps on where you are out of alignment.

I have fast track ways to identify these areas from physical to psychological. Although most will know instinctively where to start.

I like the word equilibrate. I think it simply represents where we need to be aiming.

Just like aiming for peace is better than aiming for happiness because happiness is a fleeting emotion and not sustainable all the time. Being at peace, its sustainable most of the time.

From an equilibrated place, we can then choose to go to an extreme (like an ultramarathon or world record) and then return to a healthy baseline fast.

This is essential for life in general too because no matter who you are, very serious challenges at some point will come your way that you wouldn’t have expected (and then some).

I’ve known people that have had challenges that I couldn’t even imagine facing and overcoming. Yet I’m someone who has faced significant challenges often out of the blue. 

Coming back from any extreme challenges to an equilibrated baseline, it’s something special and some of the people I mention were amazing at doing it with far bigger challenges than what I’ve been through.

So what exactly can we aim for in 2024?

A comprehensively equilibrated person embodies a balanced and harmonious integration of various facets of life, demonstrating emotional, physical, and mental well-being:

Emotional Equilibrium:
You’ll manage emotions adeptly, embracing both highs and lows with resilience. Cultivating self-awareness will allow you to navigate stressors, setbacks, and joys with grace, fostering healthy relationships through effective and empathetic communication.

One action you can do: Identify your largest trigger for psychological stress. Seek to understand this area on a deeper level and create action steps to tackle it.

Physical Equilibrium:
Prioritizing physical health, you’ll engage in regular exercise, maintain a nutritious diet, and ensure sufficient rest. Listening to your body, you’ll provide the care it needs to function optimally, finding joy in activities that promote physical well-being.

One action you can do: Schedule a dedicated time daily for movement. When it’s in your schedule, you’re more likely to do it.

Nutritional Equilibrium:
Incorporating a balanced and nourishing diet, you’ll pay attention to the nutritional content of your meals. You’ll aim to include a variety of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals to support overall health. Making informed choices about food will contribute to your well-being and energy levels.

One action you can do: Start with breakfast, get that right and the rest will follow.

Mental Equilibrium:
Intellectually curious, you’ll engage in continuous learning and creative pursuits. Managing stress through mindfulness, meditation, or other practices promoting mental clarity, you’ll value a work-life balance, setting boundaries to prevent burnout and demonstrating problem-solving skills and adaptability.

One action you can do: Enrol on an online course that fits your interests and values for growth. 

Social Equilibrium:
Cultivating a supportive social circle, you’ll nurture both deep connections and a diverse network. Contributing positively to your community, you’ll understand the importance of social bonds for overall well-being. Valuing collaboration, empathy, and open communication, you’ll thrive in social interactions.

One action you can do: Define exactly who is in your inner circle, in a world of social media and endless interactions with limited depth, knowing who your true friends are, is priceless. Think about who has been there when the shit hit the fan, who truly wants the best for you and who holds your name to a high standard when you’re not in the room (even try a thought experiment where you can ask yourself who you think would genuinely pull you back over the trench wall in a war situation, which sounds extreme but also cuts through the chaff). Then prioritise them. 

Spiritual Equilibrium:
While not necessarily tied to organized religion, you’ll find meaning and purpose in life. Whether through nature, philosophy, or personal beliefs, you’ll nurture your spiritual well-being, fostering a sense of connection to something greater than yourself.

Action you can do: Find 20 minutes a day to check in with yourself, schedule it. Choose to journal, meditate and read more on deeper levels of spirituality, then go from there.

Professional Equilibrium:
Your career will align with passions and values, promoting a sense of fulfillment. Striving for excellence without compromising well-being, you’ll maintain a healthy work-life balance, recognising the importance of both personal and professional growth.

Action you can do: Genuinely ask yourself whether or not your career is fulfilling your passions, values and ethics. What is out of alignment and what can you do about this?

Environmental Equilibrium:
Aware of your impact on the environment, you’ll make sustainable choices in daily life. Valuing and respecting the natural world, you’ll aim to leave a positive ecological footprint. Actively participating in initiatives that contribute to environmental preservation, you’ll embody a sense of responsibility towards the planet and people.

Action you can do today: Ask yourself where you’re getting your food from, if you’re getting avocados from the other side of the world or supporting factory farming, perhaps it’s time to make a change?

In essence, if you aim for comprehensive equilibrium, you’ll embrace a holistic approach to life. Seeking balance across emotional, physical, mental, social, spiritual, professional, environmental, and nutritional dimensions will allow you to navigate life’s complexities with a grounded and fulfilled perspective.

This will, believe it or not, make it far easier for your health and fitness goals for the rest of your life, whether it be making it to 10 push ups, or high performance exercise.

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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