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What did a 95 year old record breaking athlete eat?

The late Charles Eugster famously set a new world record for his age group at 95 years young.

200m at 55.48 seconds.

A very impressive time considering most people at his age can barely walk.

Then also set multiple other records.

He started a functional strength training program with lots of variables as he progressed with his abilities well into his 90’s.

As we all know, lifestyle and nutrition, play a huge part when it comes to athletic performance.

Especially as we get older. 

So what exactly did Charles eat?

Well, perhaps it might surprise you. 

In an interview with Vice magazine, he stated these key points about his nutritional program and swore it was one of the secrets to his success:

  • Avoids cane sugar.
  • Focuses on a high fat omnivorous diet.
  • Says low-fat dairy is one of the worst things you can go for.
  • Is certain that lots of meat on a daily basis improves his performance and helped reverse his aging.

Food for thought,

Rupert Hambly 

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