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Guest blog: Anita – My love affair with sugar.

Things have been busy of late and and i haven’t been writing as many blogs as I’d like but the trump side to that is that we have more space for guest blogs from some very interesting people with amazing things to say!

The next guest blog is written by Anita, an amazing person who has come along in leaps and bounds very quickly with her results as you can see in our success stories section in the above tab.

Anita – My love affair with sugar:

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Sugar was the love of my life, but we’ve just gone through a very painful break up. Sure, sometimes we find ourselves in each other’s company again, but for the most part, I’m done with Sugar.

As much as I love Sugar, and I do, I now realise that it’s just no good for me. OK, it took many chats with Rupert about the perils of sugar and it’s addictive nature before I finally kicked the habit, and it was tough. So, so tough.

For anybody about to start the path to cutting out sugar from their diet, I can confirm that it is totally worth it. Within days I noticed the positive effect that no sugar had on my body: my energy levels were more even, my moods stopped swinging, and I’m pretty certain my waistline tightened up. OK, the last one could just be because I wasn’t as bloated from the vast quantities of cake I used to consume – but no bloating is still a great side effect of sugar denial.


The most disconcerting thing about going sugar-free, or sugar-lite if you’re not ready for the big leap, is that sugar is in everything: tomato sauces, ketchup, ready meals, even the ready made stuff that says it is all about ‘freshness’, ‘keeping it healthy’,and ‘keeping it real’. So, you really do have to be prepared to not take those shortcuts and do a little home-cooking. Plus, you have to become friends with idea of reading labels, as some companies will even throw sugar into things like nut butters.


For anyone who is thinking of starting their sugar free journey, the biggest piece of advice I can give is: your mouthful of sweet teeth isn’t going to dissipate over night, so source recipes that satiate those cravings without harming your body. Between Rupert, Valentina, Nick and the magic of google you’ll be able to find some delicious and easy sweet treats that are actually pretty good for your body and leave you feeling truly good, and very content.

I’m resisting the urge to turn this into a SAA post – that’s Sugar Addicts Anonymous – and tell you how many days I’ve been clean for…but it’s been roughly 2 months. However, in that time there have been days that I’ve fallen head first off the wagon. For example, I was recently in NYC for a wedding, and I wasn’t strong enough to resist a piece of wedding cake…or two…and some nice, sugary gin based cocktails…and a sneaky bite of my husband’s piece of cake when he wasn’t looking.


The key is to not focus on those derailments because they will happen, especially at events like weddings where it’s impossible to avoid all the unhealthy yumminess on offer. Just chalk it up to an occasional splurge and claw your way back onto that wagon. Besides, once you’ve kicked the habit, those relapses make you feel awful afterwards – think, major sugar hangover – bleurgh. Trust me, getting back on that Sugar-free bandwagon will start looking mightily attractive.


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