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Guest blog: Uma Part 2!

Here’s an update from Uma on her journey to change. It’s a great one for those of you with similar struggles and some tips on what to do about it! Here she is:


Tuesday 30 June:

12 p.m.:

Now that this journey is public, I am pleased to announce that the first 8 hours have been pretty good. Intense 50 minute spinning class; gluten free museli breakfast; salad for lunch. So far. So good.

The plan in theory is straightforward: Whenever confronted with temptation, rather than indulge. I will instead, blog, and describe exactly why I am feeling tempted, and what I will do instead.

In my back pocket for times of temptation, I have amazing gluten free chocolate cookies yesterday: from raw cocoa, avocado, eggs, coconut sugar, honey, 85% dark chocolate chunks, and pecans. Definitely recommend as a gluten free, sugar free treat.

4 p.m.:

My office mate is drinking a Coke. The good news is that I gave up soda years ago, so am not even remotely tempted. Pizza is my weakness. Mmm… pizza.

Part of the challenge with publicly committing to something is that my inner self does not like to be denied. When I say I am giving something up, it makes me actually want whatever I have given up.

Think will take a different route to the tube today; one that does not go past Lola’s Cupcake stand.

Also, have just discovered that I having a pacemaker makes me a cyborg. … Pretty Cool.


Thursday, 2 July:

I have been compliant this week. No refined sugar – no sweets at all really, bar these gluten free, all-natural, avocado cookies, which are delicious.

On the gluten side, I had one slice of bruschetta with lunch yesterday, and one piece of bread tonight at dinner. 90% compliant, therefore, which is still a reasonably good start. I must say that this blogging business is working. Though these posts are not going live every day, the very act of writing them is an effective accountability tool.

We have a 3-day weekend this weekend, courtesy of America. In celebration of the 4th of July, I am planning to queue at Wimbledon. It’s also a 24-hour fast day. I’ll be fasting from 1 p.m. tomorrow till 1 p.m. on Saturday. I love fast days; they are so empowering.


4th of July:

Happy Birthday, America!

Had a strong week this week: no refined sugar, only one small piece of toast. Otherwise, entirely sugar and gluten free. Today, however, was a barbeque in honour of the US of A, and with that, my willpower went on a holi-day. (or rather a 12-hour mini break). I had ½ piece of gluten free chocolate cake from Gail’s, one macaroon, and a small piece of chocolate.

The good news is that I fasted for 2x 24 hour periods this week, and had 4 solid exercise days.

Back on the wagon now.


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