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Guest blog Uma Part 1

We have a guest blog today to change things up and help anyone else out there going through anything similar. First of all Uma is an amazing person who has had numerous struggles with her health and fitness goals, she has a pacemaker, suffered a severe knee injury, sugar and wheat addiction as well as being a vegetarian which has also made it difficult for her to eat enough protein for her past exercise recovery.

She now has a rather important event on the horizon and so is taking the plunge to not only make changes for the better but also publicly write about it! So without further rambling from me, here she is:

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Musings of the soon to be married

Why, you may ask, would I agree to the hare-brained idea of publicly committing to getting in shape? The answer can be summarized in one word, which sadly is not any of the following: Chocolate. Cupcake. Pizza. Not even Wedding, Nuptials, Marriage, or any of the multitude of synonyms for entering legally binding wedded bliss.

Nope. The reason that yours truly is writing this blog post is to inspire myself with Fear. The theory is that if I commit in front of you lovely people, I will follow through on my fitness objectives. Fear of failure will be my guiding light. By way of context, I am getting married, and my dress would look better with about 10 fewer pounds.

So, dear reader, here is my commitment for the next 14 weeks:

1. No refined sugar or gluten
2. Limited dairy and caffeine
3. Twice weekly strength training
4. Regular yoga and meditation
5. Weekly 24-hour fast (my personal favourite part of this journey)

Additionally, I will blog on a weekly basis, and potentially in my moments of weakness. Note: I am writing this today: a day when we had pizza for lunch and split a Bakewell tart for dessert.

I should mention a few other things:
A. Weight today: 129.8 lbs
B. Body fat: 27%
C. Physique: Average
D. Last time I was truly lean: 1987
E. Age: 35
F. Days till wedding: 164!!

Here… We… Go!

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