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What to question in 2023

While everybody talks about new year goals, just like I have many times in the past.

Perhaps it’s better to question how we think, especially in 2023 when it comes to health, fitness and wellness in general.

Like many of my colleagues and peers, there’s a level of frustration with the misinformation and endless touting of either taking health information out of context to support a particular narrative/belief or just produce out right nonsense, both being advised by particular social media influencers, many of which are under-qualified and inexperienced.

There has been several of these influencers in 2022 that have been exposed, perhaps most famously was the ‘Liver King’, who basically promoted eating raw animal testicles and consuming his supplements to be muscular and healthy… all the while, lying about his steroid abuse and the fact that he didn’t follow the guidelines he promoted.

If he didn’t lie, of course he wouldn’t of had much of a problem but it’s misguiding millions of people. 

Social media is a great platform if used correctly, it can be fun and of course connect us all. Great. 

The downside of course is that misinformation levels are at an all-time high (especially in the fitness industry), to the point where I am consistently having to debunk ideas attained by clients and online members in my circle.

I certainly don’t have all the answers and of course I don’t promote that I do! Although as a coach, I can and do help guide and any high-level coach knows the learning process never ends.

Of course if you follow the right companies and people on social media you can have some great snippets of information, there’s no doubt there.

But, an architect, medical doctor, biologist, coach, Trainer, osteopath and psychologist won’t get their education from social media… and arguably neither should you for the most part.

Mainly because the more charismatic and loud influencers will get more airtime, which reminds me of something that was said to me some years ago about the movie and book ‘Dune’. 

He was a fan and read all the books. Surprisingly he said the entire story and message was about a quote “Beware the charismatic leader”. And there was me thinking it was just an epic sci fi story.

Charismatic leaders often have a strong and charming personality that can be compelling and inspiring.

However, it is important to be careful of charismatic leaders because they can also use their charisma to manipulate and exploit others for their own gain.

They may be skilled at persuading people to follow them, even if their actions are not in the best interest of those they are leading.

It is always a good idea to carefully evaluate the actions and motivations of any leader, whether they are charismatic or not, and make sure that they are acting in the best interests of those they are leading.

Then of course, if they tick the boxes AND are charismatic, massive win.

In 2023, if you can ask the right questions, choose the right people, assess guidelines with critical thinking and follow the results (success leaves clues), you’re way ahead of the pack and likely well on your way to achieving more than ever before in your wellness journey.

Wishing you an amazing 2023!

Your coach,

Rupert Hambly

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