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RHHP corporate wellbeing

And performance

For companies that want their employees on top of their game 

Revolutionary staff well-being

For many years Rupert has coached many high achieving corporate professionals.

From those starting out in their career to firmly established global business leaders.

The practical experienced gained from this spectrum of diverse clientele while implementing the RHHP method to enhance their productivity, health and performance… Has enabled Rupert to then establish himself as a leader in corporate wellbeing with major companies like PayPal, Discovery science and international banks

The core of the RHHP corporate coaching is to enhance health, performance and productivity for every employee of the company.

Which in turn helps dramatically improve not only the individuals but ultimately the company from the inside out.


"This has been an incredible journey. One that has completely transformed my health, physique and future in incredibly positive ways. RHHP has the encouragement, cutting edge exercise & lifestyle coaching to take you to another level" Yarom - CEO. 50

Mind and behaviour management

At the core of any wellbeing program, ultimately is mind and behaviour management. I coach fundamental principles that make it easy for any employee to implement the strategies of optimal wellbeing and performance on a daily basis. All evidence based which include aspects of NLP, CBT and C.H.E.K.


Optimal movement and physical health is coached within an integrated and simplified system where all employees can benefit enormously. Through a systemised approach based on advanced principles, simple and yet highly effective corrective exercise, flexibility, stability, strength and energising programs can help rejuvenate employee well-being and movement. All evidence based which include aspects of C.H.E.K, CIMSPA acred PT and many other world class institutes.


What we eat, determines for the most part, how much energy we have and energy equates to performance in and out of the workplace! We know what it’s like when staff are working on demanding projects with a lack of time for self care. Having the best meal plan with all the trimmings simply doesn’t work most of the time due simply because it’s not practical… We solve this by assessing what they CAN do, then coach a nutritional model that ensures they can actually do it and maintain it. It’s actually easier than you think! All evidence based which include aspects of C.H.E.K, PN and integrative health.




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